Welcome to my first ever post, hopefully one of many to come. This website has a mixture of goals for me and I imagine it’ll evolve somewhat into something I didn’t originally plan for but that’s part of the excitement. Part what I’ll hopefully turn this website into:

  • A useful resource for those looking for guides and info related to certain technologies.
  • A place to share photos to, part of a personal hobby project.
  • Help me have a place to just write whatever is on my mind.

With regards to guides and info you can expect most of these to relate to Microsoft given this is what my background is in, additionally I’ll be adding a number of PowerShell related guides. PowerShell being a personal joy of mine which has helped me make my life much easier, I’m hoping to help those looking for something niche and encourage others to learn it.

I’m pretty new to this sort of thing, something which is out of my comfort zone for sure, if you want to send me feedback please do! Even the negative stuff as long as there’s actionable changes is welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and spending some time here. Hopefully you found something useful and helpful, that’s the ultimate goal.

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